/29/ – Go to Town

On the last day of my Exon internship, I had a typically odd task, one which characterises the varied and … More

/26/ Port Meadow

This week, my friend Shawnee came to visit. Shawnee and I go way back – think back, and then go … More

/22/ Trashings

I don’t think I’ve ever talked about trashings. It’s one of those Oxford traditions that you just get so used … More

/19/ The Big Two-One

On Wednesday evening, my parents arrived from Reading – why, I can’t remember – and we ended up going to … More

/18/ The run-up…

This is the week I turned 21. It was excellent. It’s only a shame that my camera was still broken … More

/17/ Black Swan

The first week of term was incredibly hectic, as per usual in Oxford. It started with a bad hangover – … More

/16/ Cowley Road

Since August, I’ve been living in a student house near the Cowley Road, which is the artery of East Oxford. … More